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red_woodyIf your vehicle is in need of complete refinishing, Jack’s Auto Body is here to help. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans in Pocatello are under a great deal of stress. From the August sunshine to the January cold, cars in South East Idaho are almost guaranteed to age prematurely. Refinishing your vehicle is the best way to ensure the longevity of its body.

If you notice any spots on your car where the paint has dissolved and the body is beginning to rust, it is time to refinish. This is most commonly seen near the bottom of the vehicle, especially along the door panels near the tire hubs. Because Pocatello roads are treated with salt, gravel, and other ice melting chemicals, the undercarriage and lower body of our vehicles is under an unfair amount of stress. If these problems are ignored for too long, repair becomes increasingly costly. The body may develop holes as rusting becomes more and more significant. This is both problematic and unsightly.

And it’s not just the weather which can cause these problems. It is very common for our local and state government to use chip seal technology to resurface our Idaho roadways. This process, although cost effective and long lasting, will take its tolls on the cars using the roadways very quickly. Rocks are flung onto auto body surfaces at high speeds, causing chips and cracks which will rust if left untreated. Worse yet, these rocks are often covered in a thick, nasty tar which sticks to the surface of the vehicle. Your local car wash simply isn’t prepared to remove this filthy grime. But, here at Jack’s Auto Body, it is a joby we face on a day to day basis.

The professional team at Jack’s Auto Body is prepared to handle both major and minor refinishing jobs. Whether your small sedan is starting to show signs of wear, or your favorite classic truck is in need of a major overhaul, Jack’s Auto Body is the best automotive refinishing provider in South East Idaho. We promise to fulfill our duties in a fast, responsive, and affordable manner. It is our attention to detail, use of high quality materials, and personalized, caring customer service which has allowed us to serve the great Pocatello community for so many years. 

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